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Rim-University Neighboorhood Plan:

"Sitting on the edge of a mesa that overlooks central El Paso and Ciudad Juarez, the Rim Area Neighborhood is an established area with a rich history, unequaled in its natural and constructed features. The Neighborhood consists primarily of single family detached dwellings. ... The Neighborhood is next to the foothills of the Franklin Mountains State Park.


It is also situated east of Mesa Street (a commercial corridor) and the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) campus. As shown in the boundaries of the Study Area are: the western boundary is the alley between Mesa and Stanton Streets; the eastern boundary is the area along Scenic Drive adjacent to the Mountain between Rim Road and Robinson Street; the northern boundary is the south side of Boston Street; and the southern boundary is Rim Road."


"First known as La Mesa, the Neighborhood was site of a train route for the delivery of lime from a quarry at the foot of the Franklin Mountains. It was also a community known as Stormsville, which was home to families and their farm animals trying to escape the ravages of a flooding Rio Grande River. Historians have also noted that the area was the site of a probable skirmish during the Mexican Revolution.

In 1928, the present-day Neighborhood began taking shape when the Rim Road Development Corporation began platting the land. Adjacent subdivisions, including the Alexander and Kern Place Additions, were platted from 1919 to 1929."

RANA Board Members


President:  Cathi Banda

Vice President: Robert Ardovino

Treasurer: Liz Ryden

Secretary:  John Moye

Board members

Kate Gannon

Rossana Patton

Lynn Westbrook


Lori Connerton

Alejandra Barrio Gorski

Nicole Schuster

Debi Hicks

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